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Going deeper. It’s a difficult thing to do in this world. Time feels scarce when there are people in your life to care for, work to do and all of the busyness that entails. There are 10,000 options out there for how to connect with yourself and spirit, but many of them seem made for mass consumption and not quite a fit for your unique experience and way of seeing things.


You have always looked for ways to understand yourself and your world, and for the tools to help you become the best version of yourself you can be. But so far, no book or guru or technique has felt truly yours. They have all felt like a mold that doesn’t fit, and don’t address the shadow side of your experience of life or of your own nature.


Your connection to spirit feels easy in nature but disconnected from everyday life. The feeling of peace and deep knowing that supports you when you are walking in the trees or tending to your garden is fleeting -- so you ask yourself, “Did I make that up? Is that feeling even real?” Sometimes it feels too tender to even talk about.


Our work together will be a journey to deepen your heart’s knowing about the inner allies available to help you weather life’s storms. We will uncover the practical touchstones that help you to orient how you move through your everyday life. Using drum journeying, dreamwork and personal inquiry we will ask what kind of healing needs to take place for you to move forward. As we tend to the relationships you have with the natural world and with all beings, you will feel more connected to yourself, to your ancestors and to your place in this world.

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Hello, I'm Claire. I am an intuitive guide, teacher and healing practitioner based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
For as long as I can remember I have felt a connection to spirit, especially through the bliss of the plants and the infinite expressions of consciousness found in nature. I have walked a long and winding road from the religion of my forebears to the place I find myself now, which is a nature-based spiritual practice integrated into everyday life.

I am available to support you by creating a space to look deeply at the landscape of your life's path and to notice your connections to the earth, to your ancestors and to your inner knowing. I bring a set of spiritual tools to facilitate the healing of old wounds and insight into existing patterns. Together, we can uncover the rituals, practices and spiritual relationships that can help you to connect to your own life and to the larger web of Spirit that sustains us in a deep and brilliant way.

I offer Five Element Healing Medicine Path treatments, based in the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and the Daoist' understanding of the movement of energy (chi) in Calgary. 


“I really appreciate your gentle way. I feel you there strong as an oak, with an approach that seems so spacious and soft. It feels ever so kind and it has helped me to open and share. I feel so much freshness in the way you offer this work. Thank you.”


“Claire thank you for the incredible treatments you have offered me. This past year has been challenging to my system as I adjust to a new environment. I always feel much better and enjoy improved function after one of your treatments.”


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