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Earth Spiral: A Year of Rituals for Healing and Integration

Would you like to find a rhythm and a reliable way to connect with your heart and spirit this year? Join me as I lead five live group rituals that follow the cycle of the seasons. 

Following the earth's elemental cycles is a beautiful way to orient our own experience of the year. Our rituals will be centered around the energetics of the five elements and the seasons associated with them: Water in Winter, Wood in Spring, Fire in Summer, Earth in Late Summer and Metal in Fall. 


Begins January 29, 2022. 

In exchange for your one year commitment, you will receive: 

  • • Five (5) 90 minute guided group rituals that will take place throughout the year. They will include:


      • Guidance on how to prepare for our ritual.

      • An introduction to the subtleties of ritual and how to bring it into your everyday life and create your own meaningful practices.

      • A live experience of ritual. 

  • • Four (4) 75 minute group integration circles in between the rituals. These will be a space for connection and sharing of what is coming up for you on your journey.


  • • A shared online forum where I will share bi-weekly reflections to encourage your engagement with ritual as a tool for healing.

Cost: $45.00 CAD a month for 12 months.

If you would like 1:1 sessions to support your process, you can sign up for 5 sessions for 15% off the regular 1:1 session rate of $110 CAD an hour with the code EARTHSPIRAL.

Dates of Rituals

Winter: January 29

Wood: March 19

Fire: June 18

Earth: September 17

Metal: November 19

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