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Getting Outside

This season has been particularly entertaining with a three year old on the scene. Basically, every time I turn around, kiddo is naked. She strips at the first opportunity, especially to get in the raspberry patch or muck around in the garden. Tempting as it is to share a picture of a little pink butt in the back forty, I shall resist..

But my girl's impulses are a great reminder though of what comes naturally. Wanting the breeze and the sun on the skin comes naturally. Running outside at the first opportunity comes naturally. Living inside, as we do for a large part of our lives now, is a reality (and of course a privilege) in Canada. In some ways, we are lucky to live in a time when we are so comfortable. However, there are two sides to every coin. We have also become a little more fragile, a little less robust when we are not in a temperature controlled environment. When our preferences are not catered to. It's worth reflecting on what affect this might have on our minds and spirits. Perhaps our minds and spirits (and our bodies too, although I'm not ready yet..)

would benefit from a little more time naked in the garden!

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