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Preservation and Abundance

Late summer is here, and markets nearby are overflowing with produce. Everyone in my household has been eating three peaches a day, to work through the entire case I bought because I just couldn't resist them. The peaches are exquisite and juicy and a mess to eat, as they should be in this season of abundance. This is the season of having more than enough.

It is time to revel in the overflow of light, warmth and food and to let that feeling soak into our bones for the seasons ahead. In a few weeks, things will change again. There will be many months that will require us to tap into our reserves. Now is the time to build them up by immersing ourselves in the energy of late summer.

This fall, I will be teaching a workshop on preserving and making good use of what we receive from the earth to sustain us. Join me to learn more on September 27.

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